At CHS, we know that 政府ernmental policies and regulations have an impact on business decisions. It is imperative that we educate policymakers about the impact of legislation, rules and regulations. 拥有深厚的专业知识和最新的信息, our 政府ernment affairs team amplifies the voice of CHS and our owners so that the viewpoint of farmers, 农场主和农村社区的呼声很明显.


The CHS 政府ernment affairs team represents CHS owners and stakeholders to the executive and legislative branches of the U.S. 州政府, 独立的政府机构, 非政府组织和行业特定团体. 在政策制定的前沿工作, the CHS 政府ernment affairs team ensures CHS is a leading voice engaging with policymakers who influence the decisions that impact agriculture, 合作社制度, 和美国农村. The 政府ernment affairs team works with CHS owners and stakeholders to create a larger opportunity for CHS to engage and use its voice in the public policy discussion – a unified voice that is an industry leader.

U.S. 日落时的国会大厦


  • 保护CHS和我们的所有者
  • 积极推进社区服务利益
  • 向CHS决策者通报对其业务重要的政府举措
  • 影响外部决策者

除了影响和告知, the CHS 政府ernment affairs team is responsible for staffing the CHS Board of Directors Government Relations Committee and CHS Annual Meeting Resolutions Committee. 如果你对联邦或州的公共政策有任何疑问,请 电子邮件我们.


与政策相关的人. 这不仅仅是一个短语, 这是一项加强卫生服务中心与政策制定者之间关系的行动计划. 的CHSPAC, CHS政治行动委员会, provides employees and producers an opportunity to join with others to bring the CHS voice to the forefront. 自愿集中个人财力来支持CHSPAC, eligible employees and producers help elect candidates at the state and federal level of 政府ernment, 连接和授权CHS社区.


CHSPAC practices transparency and thoughtful consideration to identify and support candidates who understand and are sympathetic to economic and regulatory challenges facing the agribusiness, 澳门皇冠赌场平台, 以及皇冠hga010安卓二维码部门. 由一个八人顾问委员会领导, criteria are evaluated on an annual basis to guide the decision making to ensure a fair and non-partisan method of political giving. 参加CHSPAC受联邦选举运动法的限制, 委员会的活动及报告要求由哪方面规管.


对CHSPAC的捐款是不免税的,完全是自愿的. CHS will not favor or disadvantage anyone by reason of the amount contributed or a decision not to contribute. Copies of CHSPAC reports are filed with the Federal Election Commission and are available at 选举委员会.政府.

 有关如何成为CHSPAC会员的资料,请 电子邮件我们.


  • 碳交易市场
    • 社福服务支持志愿服务, incentive-based policies that encourage farmers to adopt climate-smart agricultural practices, 包括优惠的政府贷款和其他财政支持项目.
    • CHS does not support actions that would tie adoption of climate-smart practices to a farmer’s or rancher’s ability to participate in federally funded risk management programs, 比如农作物保险, 标题1商品程序(ARC/PLC), 乳制品毛利保险(DMC)或牲畜毛利保险.
    • 政策必须在地域、作物和放牧活动之间保持公平.
    • Policies must fully include early adapters who are already engaging in climate-smart practices.
    • CHS supports carbon reduction and conservation policies that keep land in production, 而不是土地退休计划(CRP).
    • CHS支持《皇冠hga010安卓二维码》.
    • 美国农业部应该制定, 可信的, science-based criteria to account for the carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas reduction benefits of climate-smart agriculture practices.
    • 美国农业部应将气候智能型实践定义为:
      • Provide climate benefits, including increased sequestration and/or reduced greenhouse gas emissions
      • 满足日益增长的粮食需求, 纤维, 燃料, despite the changing climate and fewer opportunities for agricultural expansion onto additional lands
      • 促进经济发展、减贫和粮食安全 
      • 维持和提高生产力和恢复自然, 农林生态系统功能, 建立自然资本
      • 制定适应和缓解办法 
      • 减少在追求这些目标时遇到的权衡.
  • E15
    • CHS strongly supports E15 and other high ethanol blends and advocates for policies that aim to expand its adoption and use, including federal legislation that would legalize the year-round sale of E15 nationwide.
    • 扩大E15的使用需要基础设施投资. CHS认为,政府应该采取行动,减少这些投资的成本负担.
    • CHS supports fully funding grant programs like Higher Blends Infrastructure Incentive Program (HBIIP), which provide funding for retailers to install the infrastructure necessary for E15 sales, 比如地下储罐.
    • 皇冠hga010安卓二维码让E15更容易获得, CHS is one of a few ethanol producers that have completed all federal requirements to produce E15 by registering our ethanol and ethanol plants with the EPA, 提交燃料不足缓解计划并创建调查计划. 虽然完成这些步骤既昂贵又耗时, doing so is the right thing to do for our owners and customers and illustrates that CHS wants to be a leader in E15.
    • CHS通过为我们的1消除障碍,使消费者更容易获得E15,400多家Cenex品牌零售商, including approving E15 as a grade of gas for retailers and building access through terminals across the CHS footprint.
  • 高辛烷值燃料
    • CHS supports adoption of a 95 research octane number (RON) to decrease carbon emissions, increase efficiency of internal combustion engines and meet current and future CAFE standards.
    • A 95 RON is beneficial to our energy and grain businesses by offering demand protection for ethanol and corn, 同时推动液体燃料成为未来负责任的皇冠hga010安卓二维码.
    • CHS is unable to support a 98 RON due to the increased economic and logistical issues it would present to our energy business.
  • 低碳燃料标准(LCFS)
    • The unique CHS operational footprint requires analysis of proposed low carbon 燃料 standard (LCFS) legislation provisions including compliance timeline, 对农村社区的影响, 下匝道机制和更新的燃料路径模型(e.g.(油菜籽、玉米、可再生柴油、大豆)
    • CHS支持种植者参与脱碳价值流.g., grower practices that reduce carbon intensity through 燃料 and crop applications).
    • CHS supports a low carbon 燃料 standard incorporating a realistic liquid 燃料 compliance timeline with regulatory and legislative actions that recognize the necessary role of liquid 燃料s in any transition to EVs and that do not result in demand destruction favoring electrification.


CHS新领导人政治宣传之旅,华盛顿特区.C., with the CHS 政府ernment affairs team provides an opportunity for current and future cooperative leaders to connect with members of Congress and administration officials about issues that impact our farmer-owners’ businesses and 合作社制度. 政治宣传项目是为CHS新领导人论坛的校友设计的.